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 Plan and organize your trip, share experience and attract other travellers like you...


Travel magnet - a page written by independent travelers for travelers.

We enjoy traveling as much as you do. That's why we've decide to write this page where we can share a bit our experience and why not make more friends ? Backpacking around Europe is a wonderful experience that shouldn't be spoiled by lack of planning.

At the moment we will concentrate in Europe (including Central and Eastern Europe) where we have a vast knowledge and eventually with the help of contributors we will expand to other continents like Asia, Africa and South America.

Many people have been asking a lot of questions regarding trains and buses to European destinations which apparently are very hard to find. Well, we plan to have it all here very soon.


The name TRAVELMAGNET  comes from the fact that we collect fridge magnets from the places we visit. Soon it became a concept

for our webpage as we want to make possible for travelers to attract other travellers.

We don't like to label people as being backpackers because this word  is used in a much broader way, meaning

not only people that go camping but also people that travel on a budget. Having said that, we would like to include everyone that

finds in traveling a way to socialize with others, experiencing the authentic local culture not wanting to stay in

very luxurious hotels, yet trying to avoid tourist traps and being ripped-off by conventional travel agencies.

Even the word hostel travel today is misused, so to experience the real hostel culture in Europe, people have to be aware

 of some things while booking and they must be sure of what kind of lodging they're looking for. That's why we're here for...

 to answer these kind of questions to anyone that would like to make of their trips something

 unforgettable but for the good moments, not the bad ones.

We particularly like the word independent traveller or if you American, independent traveler :-)

We'll try to provide you with all the information and tools necessary for planning and booking your trip.

We hope this website can be useful for you,

Bon Voyage!

Travel magnet Team.

If you'd like to contribute, please send us an email to:

 Feel free to browse through our Travel Shop,

you will find essential guides, maps  and gear for travellers. 

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